Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 Goals & Biking In My Bathroom

Being in a boot for 6 weeks was the best thing that could have happened to me this off-season. I have had some nagging injuries for the last 2+ years that weren't serious enough to take a lengthy chunk of time off for but they have come and gone over the years, held me back at times & have been frustrating. After returning to running post stress fracture I was out of shape and it felt really hard BUT everything else was healed! Not just my foot but my laundry list of other aches & pains! What a blessing in disguise!

I also needed a mental break and didn't even realize it. Not the burn out mental break, I can honestly say that after 6 years of racing I have never been burnt out mentally, not even close. Not on training, racing, anything, in fact it is quite the opposite. I have to be careful not to over race, over train & I am constantly reining myself in. In the early stages of the stress fracture I was in so much pain I didn't know if I would be able to ever run again or even walk pain free. That changed me mentally and I needed it. Now that I can run again I have never been so happy to wake up in the morning! I have a new perspective & a new focus, MYSELF, fun, & the reasons why I started racing in the first place! The break made me appreciate physical activity even more then I did before & cleared my head.

For the most part I think I have done a pretty good job focusing on positive things & been having a blast but there have been races & even portions of entire seasons that I have let things & people (both those I don't know & people I know) effect me in a negative way and take some of the enjoyment out of it. Things I used to care so much about I don't care about at all anymore. Things that used to be so important to me aren't anymore.

I am also opening myself up to new activities like snowshoeing & a little cross fit. I love triathlon so much & and I am lucky to get to make a portion of my income coaching others but I feel so very differently about it mentally now. I will always train hard and do my best but will be much more focused on how I can make it even more fun, why I am here and what is the goal/purpose for me at this race? I can't wait to get back out there! My mind is mentally refreshed!

I am super excited for the 2015 season and am going to race a little less then past years but enjoy it way more! This is what I am shooting for this year...

Athletic but non Tri/Running Goals:
1. Bench Press My Body Weight by my birthday July 5th (40 lbs off)
2. Do this for 35 mins straight by my Aug 23 Ironman WI taper (I peter out at about 8 mins now)

3. Qualify for & complete Half Marathon Snowshoe Nationals
4. Lift/Crossfit with Lydia as often as possible when it fits my schedule and/or get to the gym at least once a week & lift the heavy weights with the dudes in the back of the weight room wearing the stocking caps with the protein shakes to get stronger, feel stronger & look stronger!

Tri/Running Goals:
1. Sub 10:30 at Ironman WI with a sub 3:30 marathon (IMWI PR 10:38:43 with 3:30:35 marathon in 2012)
2. Sub 4:40 in a half Iron (PR 4:42:31, Pigman 2012)
3. Sub 5:28 in the road mile (PR 5:28, TC 1 Mile 2012)
4. Sub 39 mins in an open 10K (PR 39:27, Get In Gear 2012, I have gone 39 mins the last 3 xs!)
5. Sub 69 mins in the 10 mile (PR 69:17, TC 10 Mile 2011, I have gone 69 mins the last 3 xs!)
6. Sub 1:30 in an open half marathon (PR 1:30:13, MN Half Marathon 2012)
7. Sub 1:33 at Apple Du (PR 1:33:40, 2012)
8. Sub 30:30 in an open 8K (PR 30:55, Irish Run 2014)

Other Goals & Fun To Be Had:
1. Take more pictures
2. Go repelling, hiking, & zip lining with my dad in Puerto Rico
3. Visit Houston this summer
4. Throw away my scale (maybe) at least hide it for LONG stretches
5. Plan a backpacking trip for late this year or early next year, but get it locked down & on the calendar
6. Get all our old home videotapes converted to DVDs & watch them all with my family

Biking in the Bathroom:
I recently turned my 3rd bathroom into a cycling sweat box. I can make a small space upstairs without windows or doors so much hotter. I took an ergonomics class in college and have been brainstorming a better solution for watching TV while biking. I was getting neck pain in the aero position looking up high at my flat screen mounted on the wall. The laptop right in front of me at head height eliminated that. The room gets so hot that I have yet to complete a long ride without opening the door, strong overwhelming nausea, & taking a little break to cool off downstairs. I am a hot weather wimp but getting a little better each week.

 My new set up & me after bailing off my bike 1:38 into my long ride to stick my head in the freezer & shove ice down my bra

 Space is tight but there is just enough room for dog beds in the tub, they love to be next to me when I ride but demanded to get the heck out of there 34 mins into my first ride. They were panting & overheated so I haven't brought them in since

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Suzie Homemaker

Give a girl a stress fracture, a few days off work for the holidays, a bag of Bird Mountain Dark Roast Peace Coffee (thank you Devon!!!), a few sub zero degree days and BOOM, I'm Suzie Homemaker! Here are some projects I've been meaning to do for quite a while...


Ironman Hawaii 2013 (coffee boat swims, undie run + race)

 Ironman Los Cabos 2014

Team MN 2011 - 2014 (top 10 men & women in the state)

Ironman Wisconsin 2014

The Chaska Blondes


 My family, March 1984 in Lake Tahoe (I'm in pink)

 One week family backpacking trip 1987 (I'm in pink again)

 Bridgeport, CA (same trip as above)

 (same trip, I just turned 4)

(Our dog backpacked too, he had a doggie backpack he carried with his food & our toilet paper)

Longest baseball game I've ever been to, 18 innings! Aug 8, 2004 at the Metrodome, this was before I moved to MN, I was living in Jacksonville, FL at the time

Last Twins home game of 2008, they won but didn't know if they made the post season yet & had to wait & play a tie-breaker game in Chicago

My nephew's first year! (March - Nov 2014)

Ironman Hawaii 2013 (race + vacation)

 My youngest dog Miles. I had to get down on my back on the sidewalk to get this pic! I wanted him with the St. Louis Arch & stadium village in the background

 All-star game & NLCS 2014

I spent an entire day over Christmas vacation looking at boxes of pictures with my family from the 80s & 90s, I laughed so hard I cried, my head, my stomach & my face hurt. The hair & outfits form the '80s! We only got through about 3 of 9 boxes, I can't wait for the last 6 on my next visit! Here are a few treasures...

Me in 1983, look at that tummy & those thighs! I am guessing this was on the beach somewhere at or near Santa Monica, CA which is where I was born

1986, age 3, helping dad in the yard at our house in Reno, NV. I used to wear his cowboy boots all the time

41 tardies in 10th grade!! 9am used to be impossibly early! If only that cranky old principal knew I swim 3xs a week at 5am now! (Omaha, NE 1999)

My ASA softball team, I am in the back row & center, I think I was 15 or 16 & I want to know who let me out of my house with those bangs?! We left to play collage ball everywhere from Colorado State to Alabama without cell phones or facebook & I don't even think I had an email address at the time. I lost touch with everyone for a decade but we have all found each other on FB finally.

My national letter of intent to play DII softball in North Carolina. I whited out my phone number and then realized it was a land line from a house we haven't lived in since 2001 :-)

I think this might be the funniest find of all! I got a B in my freshman college Fitness Walking class! I wanted to quit the softball team because we had to run a mile every Friday before practice & that was way too long & too hard for me, I hated running! Distance running for a softball player is an extra base hit! As a pitcher I typically only had to go from the dugout to the mound & pitchers were allowed to walk to their position. I did love quick sprints around the bases and sliding, I worked my butt off playing softball but you couldn't have paid me to run! The first time I ran over a mile was 2007 I believe.

Me scrapbooking/framing & my dogs snoozing

What's Cooking?
I baked, cooked, & ate my way through my stress fracture recovery. It was really enjoyable to spend the time I usually train experimenting with new recipes. I LOVE healthy food that tastes good,  & I love taking food pics, here is what I have prepared recently plus my favorite salad dressing recipe...

Sweet potato cookies
Sweet potato protein shake
Paleo Pancakes
Paleo Chicken Salad

Kale chips

Bacon pineapple poppers

Paleo muffins 

Sweet potato fries 

Quinoa & Chia Carrot Cake Cookies

Black bean brownies

Zucchini brownies

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Garbanzo Bean Blondies

Butternut Squash pasta

Breakfast pizza made entirely out of eggs & veggies in a cake pan

Many different salads & salad dressings
Many different protein shake recipes

Apple chips

Many new quinoa dishes

Different burrito bowls

Bacon, brussel sprouts, apple bake

Lots of sweet potato dishes

Lots of wild/brown rice dishes
Buffalo chili
Buffalo meatloaf
Avocado mousse 
3 Ingredients paleo fudge

Different combinations of fruit salads

Different stuffed squash recipes

Different green smoothies in my vitamix

Different fresh veggies juices in my juicer

Straight shot of ginger, lemon, & cayenne

This salad dressing is the bomb!!! I have been putting it on everything!!!

** Creamy Garlic Dressing **
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
3-5 cloves garlic
3 tbsp fresh lemon juice
2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley (you can use the dry kind, it tastes great too!)
1 tsp Himalayan salt
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp grade B pure maple syrup
Place everything in the blender and blend on medium-high for 30 seconds or until well mixed. Store extra dressing in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

HAPPY 2015!